To Freedom from Fascism, America!

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Jim Davies' 2010 e-book begins where the outstanding movie "America: From Freedom to Fascism" left off. Its scope...
  • Shows what "fascism" means, systematically and in some detail
  • Explores how fascism permeates life in America, and when it began
  • Considers what would be an ideal alternative to fascism, and
  • Proposes straightforward action to take that will bring it about

That is done in an 82-page e-book, ready to download and read as a .pdf file. Far from merely amplifying crude anti-police slogans such as "fascist pigs", this work gets down to the root and history of what fascism really means and how fully it has penetrated American life.

While deeply admiring the work Aaron Russo did in his documentary, Jim suggests that he understated the problem we face - it's actually much worse.

At the same time, this book holds out very serious hope for radical reform in the immediate future, which Jim sees as almost unimaginably bright, spells out what each person can do to help it happen, and why success is inevitable within the lifetimes of most readers. That rational optimism makes the book unique.

While tracing the development of fascism in America, the book offers an original solution to one of the main mysteries in the movie: how Federal District and Appeal courts can repeatedly enforce laws (about an income tax) that nobody has been able to find, and which the Supreme Court has said do not exist.

Jim Davies has publicized freedom for thirty years. From 1989 to 1991 he co-produced a weekly TV show, "The Freedom Alternative," accessible to two million viewers in Connecticut and featuring notables such as Andrew Melechinsky, the Constitutional scholar and probably the last person to lose his home to IRS stormtroopers - and Ed & Flicka Thrall, whose plans for a neighborhood dance hall were ruined by the local building-code Nazis. After relocating to the "Live Free or Die" State Jim took the chance to write a weekly column for a local paper after being outraged by the Waco massacre, which ran for over 300 Editions. In the 2000s he became a frequent writer on the Internet forum "Strike the Root" and has published three earlier books about liberty - how it's been denied, how to get it, and what it will be like. Jim has been privileged to meet many of the great leaders in the contemporary freedom movement, including some of the participants in Russo's movie.

To Freedom from Fascism, America! is available as an e-book, ready for download to the reader's own PC for a price of only three Federal Reserve Notes.

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