Which Church (if any)?

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Jim Davies' 2013 e-book offers an unique introduction to the Christian religion. Its scope...
  • Outlines the life of Jesus as the New Testament presents it, while recommending retention of the critical faculty
  • Summarizes the history of the early Church, culminating in the important conference at Nicea
  • Explains the key doctrines agreed at that conference
  • Notes the causes and conflicts in the history of the Reformation
  • Derives from that a decision tree, to choose which denomination (if any) to join, and
  • For those unconvinced, introduces the alternative of atheism.

That is done in an 37-page e-book, ready to download and read as a .pdf file, for a per-download price of only $3.

Which Church (if any)? is valuable to all who are considering joining a church, such as youngsters preparing for confirmation, as well as those interested to learn what Christianity is all about - including those who have grown up in a family whose traditions are rooted in a different religion.

During his life Jim Davies has at different times been in active membership of Anglican, Baptist, Brethren and Methodist churches, was married in a Pentecostal one, and for a time attended two Roman Catholic schools - so he knows those denominations at first hand. He also played a leading part in Christian groups or clubs at University and in the work place, and has a working knowledge of the atheist alternative - so can present the claims and beliefs of each in a fair and balanced way.

Jim holds a Master's degree from Cambridge, having majored in science, history and economics, and resides in the United States. His career included working for two decades in the computer industry, and as owner of a small business. Which Church (if any)? is his fifth book.

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