Jim Davies
Write-in Libertarian for Governor

Biographical Notes

These always seem to me the least important part of any political campaign. What matters is what the candidate believes and what he or she promises to do if elected; not how he parts his hair or what school he went to if any.

But as my one and only sop to convention, here goes.

I was born in Britain in 1937, and immigrated to the USA in 1978. Since then I have played an active part in public life in Connecticut and New Hampshire, even to the extent of paying taxes, however reluctantly. I am eligible to become a US Citizen but, noting that many savvy native-born Americans are now trying to shed their citizenship for good financial reasons, I have not so far exercised that option. However, if you elect me Governor and if to do that proves to be a prerequisite for taking office, becoming a citizen is what I'll do.

Repeat: You elect me, and I WILL serve. AND keep my electoral promises, therebymaking history before your very eyes.

Elsewhere on this page is what I look like; the picture shows I am a human of the male gender with a thoughtful disposition. It may also suggest I have a sense of whimsical humor - or at least a sense of the absurd, when I contemplate pretty well anything to do with government anywhere.

I went to several schools in England, both government and independent, and so Iknow the difference at first hand. I obtained a Master's degree from the University of Cambridge, in Science, History and Economics, as a member of Trinity College - whose alumni include Sir Isaac Newton and Lord Kelvin, but also Henry VIII, Lord Keynes and Guy Burgess, the Soviet spy; however not, I'm relieved to report, Slick Willie. He went to the Other Place.

Half my career was spent working for sales and planning staff in IBM, and the second half in various home-based businesses. I am proud to say I have never worked for government, so have never lived on stolen money; every penny I've earned was paid on the basis of voluntary exchange under an honest contract.

As Governor I'd be very fully occupied reducing your taxes, so would be dependent on accepting some then. However, I'd accept only 1% of my salary for every 1% I reduced your combined Town, State and Federal taxes - and then, only for as long as any money remained in the State Treasury, which would probably not be very long. SoI'd accept the full Governor's salary only if I cut them all the way down to zero, and then only if funds were available. That's the closest I can get, to pay for performance. If you don't like it, please don't vote for me.

I have a remarkably patient and loving wife Kerstin, of 36 years, and two grownchildren, each also working outside the government industry in other states.

I am a lapsed member of MENSA, and a current member of the Libertarian Party. At its most recent NH Convention I voted for Ken Blevens to be its candidate this year for Governor, but have been very disappointed in his campaign platform and so apologize for that misjudgment. To make up for it, I'm running myself.

For five years I have written the weekly commentary "On the Other Hand...", published in the Enfield newspaper "Your Hometown Messenger" and now on the Internet at http://www.TakeLifeBack.com/oto

My central belief is that every human being is the sole owner of his or her ownlife, and the other pages on this Site show some of its implications.

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