Jim Davies for President

D R A F T - this is exploratory only

America has drifted so far from its founding principle of individual sovereignty and freedom that the country now teeters on the brink of rapids that will tear it apart.

The Libertarian Party, meanwhile, is largely sitting on the bank wringing hands and wondering whether to throw out a rope or to lecture on the folly of rafting; it, too, has so far forgotten its founding principle (of non-aggression) that its current candidates for the Presidential Nomination are debating whether to abolish the "income tax" (without being able to identify which law to repeal) and whether to replace it by a sales tax, and whether or not to allow more immigration. I am here to offer an actual, radical, Libertarian alternative.

The Principle

It's called "Non-Aggression", and is 100% central for all true libertarians and derives directly from the fundamental axiom that every human being is his or her own self-owner (you own your own life, so you alone have the right to decide what to do with it and anyone imposing his, her or their will upon you are aggressing, or violating that absolute right. Likewise, every other person has the same right and you have no rights over any of their lives.)

That's an "axiom" because any attempt to deny or refute it expressly would have first to accept it implicitly. To argue that one is not the owner of his own life would require the person so arguing to assume he is his own self-owner, for otherwise he would have no self-directed right to reason or speak. To put it differently: if X does not belong to himself, he must belong to someone else, in which case that someone else owns not only himself but X as well. There is no rational way to escape the axiom that every individual has the absolute right (often trampled in practice, of course) to control his own life. Therefore, there is no rational place for government in society.

My candidacy and platform is consistent with that axiom; to the large extent that all the others are not, they are irrational and incompatible with human nature and will therefore inevitably lead to chaos, discord, misery and ruin.

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