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Society to Assist Victims Of Government

Thomas Paine wrote that even at its best, government is "evil".
No surprise, therefore, that all over the world it has millions of victims.
This Society exists to help as many of them as we can.

Paine also thought government was "necessary", but he was mistaken. Justice is necessary, to right wrongs; but government is not a prerequisite for justice, indeed it's the very fountainhead of injustice. Paine saw that government is evil, but failed to see how evil.

We think that any society would be far richer and far more peaceful and harmonious if it had no government at all. So our twin aims are:

  1. To provide practical assistance to victims of government
  2. To offer free, on-line education about life without government

Requests for Assistance

If you have suffered at government hands, you are invited to request help. Specify in 500 words or less (longer requests will be disregarded) what damage was done to you, and what assistance would help you recover. Please be concise and honest and show how we can verify the facts.

You can use e-mail and we'll respond within 30 days.

Contributions Invited

We are well-endowed, but the task is immense; US governments alone spend about three trillion dollars a year doing damage, so the repairs needed are without practical limit. If you'd like to help with a charitable gift large or small, your contribution will be gratefully received and well spent. Please send it to our Account #------ at e-gold flagged "donation".

However, please note that SAVOG will have no dealings whatsoever with the Infernal Robbery Syndicate. We are NOT a "501(c)(3) organization" and your gift will NOT be tax deductible.

That's because we will not accept the strings which are always used to control such organizations. We will operate as far from government as we can.

Examples of our Work

Here are a few of the ways in which SAVOG assisted victims of government during the last month.



The idea of society without government - literally "an-archist" - is startling to those "educated" for 12 years in government schools.

Here's a link to The On Line Freedom Academy, which offers a thorough education about why such freedom alone is intellectually honest, as well as a way to bring it about; and showing how it would work in practice.