These three books were written to supplement and enhance The On Line Freedom Academy, in which the principles of human liberty can be learned; as graduates bring their friends to join it and help them also graduate, rather soon the whole population will gain that knowledge and then, in disgust, leave government employ. The particular questions addressed by the Trilogy are:

At some point many students in TOLFA consider one or more of those questions, and therefore will want to read one or more of these three books. Denial in particular is designed for those not yet persuaded to join because they hold the popular belief that government has brought mankind vast benefit - so is particularly suitable for graduates to hold and lend or give to friends being invited. Each is a quality, perfect-bound paperback.

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From the Foreword: "This book is an historical report from the year 2030, and as such (being written in 2008) it is a work of imagination - a series of best-guesses. Its premise is that on 'E-Day' in 2027, all government in the USA will peacefully evaporate, leaving every member of a well-prepared population to own and operate his or her own life without interference. It attempts to describe how things work out in the first three years of the resulting free society."

Plenty of good libertarian literature validly critiques current government-triggered crises, but Vision places a positive spin and transports the reader into what life is like after the State has vanished; it offers an unique and inspiring insight.

This is what good people are working for; this is where we're headed. This is what will make it all worthwhile. Here is shown the beginning of what human society could always have been like. 103 pages, $8 +s/h *  


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TOLFA provides not only a needed education about freedom but also the means to achieve it in practice - in a quiet, peaceful but uniquely radical revolution. When government realizes its days are numbered, it will do everything it can to stifle that revolution. In Transition, Jim Davies imagines as many as possible of the tricks it may pull, and shows the thrilling story of why every one of them will be wholly inadequate to arrest the avalanche of liberty.

This is a vivid, detailed prediction of the conflict, that brings alive the age-long dream of freedom and shows it can and will be realized, in our lifetime!

Many people suppose that wonderful though a free society would be, it will never be real because government has the power to prevent it ever happening. Read and judge for yourself: the opposite is the case. On TOLFA's simple assumptions, there is nothing government can do to stop it. 135 pages, $10 +s/h *  


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We're all repeatedly taught that government is good and necessary, that human society has evolved from savage brutality to a civilized order that is monitored and managed by government; that the State exists to protect us, to administer justice, and provide necessary services the jungle of a free market could never furnish.

So it's no surprise that some, invited to join TOLFA, are reluctant to question that deeply-embedded belief. That's why Denial of Liberty was written, for graduates to keep a few copies on hand to lend or give to friends they hope to attract to the Academy. This book will prepare minds and make the task easier.

Its 167 pages provide an overview of 10,000 years of human history and prove over and over that government actively hindered mankind's natural efforts to better his lot and live in prosperity and peace, repeatedly plunging him into warfare, stealing and wasting the product of his labor, so preventing its reinvestment for growth. In other words it proves from the simple facts of history that we've been taught the exact opposite of the truth; that our progress would have been almost incalculably more rapid, had government never existed. Its price is $12 +s/h *  

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